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The Fractals indicator – a description and usage

Among the great many currently known technical indicators, traders generally only use the most well-known of them, not paying attention to the other equally effective automatic analysis tools. To remedy this situation, we’ve decided to introduce you to a very mysterious indicator – Fractal Chaos Bands, or, to put it simply, the fractals indicator, which is no more inferior when it comes to efficiency than the more famous automatic indicators.

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A trend strategy for trading using the MACD and RSI

The MACD is a trend indicator and the RSI is an oscillator. We can say that these two indicators are the brightest examples of their types. This combination of trend instrument and oscillator is a successful one: when used together, there is a significant increase in the accuracy of the signals. In this article, we will look at the difference between oscillators and trend indicators, as well as review a trading strategy using the MACD and RSI.

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The first steps to success in trading

People are not born professionals; they become them. This principle applies to mastering any type of business, including trading. The final road to success depends largely on how it was started. In the case of construction, it is the laying of a reliable “foundation” that ensures steady progress towards the goal. In the case of trading, the situation is similar – the first steps on the way to professionalism should be made correctly. Otherwise, the beginner will simply be disappointed with this method of earning after losing money.

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